Episode 005 – Persona 5

Max and Daniel get comfy as they catch up on all the January video game news that they missed, and then get… less comfy as they discuss their very complicated feelings about Daniel’s recommendation of Persona 5. Then Max gets a really great idea: mix up the format of the podcast without telling his co-host about it!

1:49 Nintendo Direct Highlights
12:21 Nintendo Labo
17:08 Xbox Game Pass
22:47 Nintendo Investors Strategy Meeting News
29:47 Miitomo, Paragon, and Gigantic shutting down
34:29 What Else Have We Been Playing
44:27 Persona 5 Spoiler-Free Impressions
52:21 Persona 5 Spoilers Start Here
1:34:55 E-mail: Novelizations of Video Games
1:45:08 Play This!: MYSTERY GAME

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