The 2017 Play This! Game of the Year Awards

2017 has ended, and some amazing games have come and gone. Max and Daniel bring on guest panelists Colin, Sean, and AmyLee to talk about all of their favorite games of the year in this jumbo-sized special. From Zelda, to Mario, to Cosmic Star Heroine, to one of the most important digital card games of all time, they’ve got a lot to cover.

(Apologies for the occasional audio issues in this special. We’ll be back to the usual quality in Episode 005!)

03:04 Best Non-2017 Game We Played in 2017
11:02 Biggest Disappointment
23:40 Best Soundtrack
34:06 Best Cat
39:21 Best Game We Didn’t Play
45:34 Honorable Mentions
1:06:57 #5 Picks
1:20:18 #4 Picks
1:43:21 #3 Picks
1:50:02 #2 Picks
2:10:01 #1 Picks
2:26:51 The Play This! 2017 Game of the Year

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